Shop with the Doc in Columbus, OH

Identifying Nutrition-Rich Dietary Options in Your Grocery Store

The battle for a more balanced diet begins in the grocery store, not your kitchen. There are a lot of misconceptions about what is healthy or nutritious that put the average shopper at a disadvantage, even when they’re trying to make the right choices. Shop with a Doc is a YouTube series created by Dr. Elena Christofides that makes it feel like you have an endocrinology and nutrition expert walking with you down the grocery aisle.

Choose Healthy

Knowing how to make the right choice is an important first step, which can be difficult given the wide range of choices we face in the grocery store. Yogurt itself is not necessarily healthy: some come packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and saturated fats (what you want is low-ingredient, Greek-style full fat yogurt). Thanks to the thorough research and career expertise of Dr. Christofides, we can help you navigate these choices so you can feel confident in the food-related decisions you make.

Cook Healthy

You don’t have to eliminate desserts to maintain a nutritious diet. Fruit-heavy desserts or recipes with healthy saturated fats — like our recommended dark chocolate mousse — can be delicious without spiking your blood sugar levels. Learn from our recipes that are not only healthy but are also easy enough for anyone to make!

Shop Healthy

Do you know how to interpret nutrition labels? Our goal is to teach you how to identify the nutrients and food label information that you need to care about — and more importantly, how to adjust your shopping behaviors to give your body what it needs and feel more energized throughout the day.