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72 W 3rd AVe 2nd floor, Columbus, OH 43201

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Endocrinology Research in Columbus OH

Exceeding Patient Expectations with Endocrine Research

Our team conducts research for industry partners covering a range of conditions like type 1 & 2 diabetes, heart disease, and more. We conduct our own research and support the efforts of other teams — including our research partner Remmington Davis — through Aretaeus Consulting with a variety of consulting services, which includes marketing, trial design, trial validation, and FDA approval. The work we do is an extension of our need for data-driven answers and unending curiosity; our patients and peers alike can rest easy knowing that the recommendations we give are based on the latest research and current best practices.

Endocrinology Diagnostic Research

Our endocrine lab conducts clinical trials with other companies for a variety of conditions. Clinical trials last from six months to five years or more, with project timelines being based on the complexity of the study. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Elena Christofides, along with our experienced team of researchers, we can adapt your methodology to ensure that the trial is successfully completed.

If you are interested in our clinical endocrinology research, contact our team to work with us! We work closely with our partner research teams and individual trial participants.

  • Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity (including hypothalamic obesity)
  • Weight loss diets
  • Dyslipidemia (abnormal or elevated cholesterol)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Male hormone replacement therapy
  • Thyroid hormone replacement therapy
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Acromegaly (the body produces too much growth hormone)
  • Cushing’s Syndrome (the body produces too much cortisol)
  • Growth hormone disorders
  • Lipodystrophy (an abnormal distribution of fat)
  • Diabetic kidney disease
  • Monitoring technologies (like CGM, ketone monitoring, and other wearable devices)
  • Medication-specific studies: Insulin (different types)
  • Medication-specific studies: Incretins (GLP-1 — Mounjaro, Ozempic, etc.)

Devices & Technology

At Endocrinology Associates, our endocrinology research covers the very devices our patients use to diagnose and treat certain endocrine-related issues, such as insulin pumps and CGMs. It is important to us that we only recommend medical equipment that we’ve personally vetted, so we know that the suggestions we offer our patients have been thoroughly reviewed and are of the highest quality.

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