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72 W 3rd AVe 2nd floor, Columbus, OH 43201

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Endocrinology Associates in Columbus, OH

Experts in Patient-Focused Endocrinology Treatment and Research

Metabolism is often misunderstood. Many people think it’s just about how much energy you have or how quickly your body processes food. The truth is that metabolism describes every single biochemical reaction in the human body.

This makes outstanding patient care in the field of endocrinology a complex and circumstantial process that requires deep knowledge of how a body’s processes and hormones interact with one another. At Endocrinology Associates, our goal is to not just to provide exceptional metabolism and hormone-based solutions, but to increase understanding of the human body among patients and the medical community alike in hopes that everyone can live better, healthier lives.

Personalized Medicine and Research Support for the Entire Body

Under the guidance of industry expert and career researcher Dr. Elena A. Christofides, our team will create a completely personalized endocrinology treatment that’s tailored to your body. We’re regularly referred patients by other physicians who are unable to identify and solve complex issues related to a wide variety of conditions, including diabetes, metabolism, menopause, perimenopause, pituitary and adrenal disorders, obesity, fatigue, and more. We know how to listen and ask the right questions to these kinds of patients. By leaving no stone unturned, we will get ahead of your concerns and find a solution — so you can experience the relief you deserve.

Customized Services Are Our Brand

The services we provide include all things metabolism and body health. We provide endocrinology treatment to individual patients, conduct new industry research for ourselves and others, consult new businesses struggling to get their innovations off the ground, and more. We want to champion patients and peers alike who are concerned with overall body health and its processes.

The Patient Puzzle:
Our Top-Notch
Private Practice Care

We specialize in taking a holistic approach to your care. Metabolism is affected by so many different variables that the only truly effective approach toward endocrinology is achieved by taking a comprehensive and personalized look at your lifestyle, diet, genetics, and environment. At Endocrinology Associates, our brand is centered around personalized solutions that are backed by the expertise of endocrinologist and researcher Dr. Christofides.

Leading the Way
Through Expert

We don’t just follow the latest research; we lead it. Our internal research efforts focus on understanding biochemical processes, particularly hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and dietary impacts. This knowledge directly enhances the care we provide, ensuring top-tier treatment for our patients.

Shop with the Doc

Have you ever wished a doctor could follow you around in the grocery aisle and explain how to eat right? “Shop with the Doc” is a Youtube series created by Dr. Christofides that provides sensible advice for eating healthy, offers clear choices so you know what to buy, and gives creative solutions to maintain variety without sacrificing taste or relying on fad diets.

Aretaeus Consulting

The mission of Aretaeus Consulting is to make research more accessible and effective for individuals and small organizations who are attempting to get their products approved by the FDA. Led by Dr. Christofides, Aretaeus helps teams navigate compliance concerns, plan more robust and efficient research trials, and get the most out of their marketing plans.
Only 14% of products are approved by the FDA because the barriers to bringing products to market are so high, which is why we want to offer our support for groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to drive meaningful change in the medical community.

Meet Dr. Elena A. Christofides, M.D., F.A.C.E.

A leading expert in her field, Dr. Christofides is dual Board-Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism as well as Internal Medicine. She is a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), the highest honor in her specialty. Dr. Christofides has served patients, advised fellow physicians, conducted clinical trials, and published research for decades — and today she serves as a prominent resource dedicated to better understanding the human body in its entirety.

We’re Always Taking Appointments — In-Person, or Telemedicine!

If you ever wanted a manual on how the human body works, Dr. Christofides and Endocrinology Associates are about as close as you can get. Our team, armed with expertise, experience, and cutting-edge tech, is here to unravel the mysteries of your body’s unique situation. We’re committed to working closely with you, even from the comfort of your own home, to get your health back on track. Whether you’re struggling with a problem that seems unsolvable or need help with clinical trials, we’ve got the know-how to help you out.