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72 W 3rd AVe 2nd floor, Columbus, OH 43201

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About Endocrinology Associates

Medical Care. Research. Consulting. Support.

Your body is a complex, dynamic system, always adapting and responding to the various changing factors of everyday life. In our clinic, we specialize in understanding and balancing these intricate mechanisms, particularly focusing on your metabolism, hormones, and other related processes. We recognize that each person’s body is unique, and so are the challenges it faces. Our approach is tailored to meet these individual needs, drawing on a broad spectrum of expertise and experience.

The Endocrinology Associates Mission

At Endocrinology Associates, our mission is to provide the best possible care for patients with endocrine disorders. To that end, we focus on quality, transparent care that puts patients first. We spend more time with you than the average doctor because metabolic and hormonal disorders are complicated and require close attention to your lifestyle. We pay close attention to your medical history and what you’ve already tried, and we don’t rest until you’ve found relief.

Meet Dr. Elena A. Christofides, M.D., F.A.C.E.

With nearly 30 years of experience in both patient care and research, Dr. Christofides has raised the bar for what comprehensive medical service looks like, regardless of whether she’s helping patients manage their metabolism or helping a full research team establish robust clinical trials. She has the rare distinction of having two board certifications: one in Internal Medicine and the other in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Dr. Christofides has the compassion and expertise to find solutions when it feels like everything else has already been tried. Dr. Christofides currently lives in Columbus, OH, with her son and husband. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Meet Our Exceptional Team

From the moment you walk in and meet Allison, who runs our reception, to Jena, our skilled nurse practitioner, you’ll see that we select our team based on their dedication to your well-being and patient experience. Josie, our office manager, keeps the office running smoothly, and Jordyn, an experienced LPN, understands our practice inside and out and supports the entire office.

We are the coordinators of your body, and we understand that trust is integral to successful patient outcomes. All of us have been where you are in one way or another — and we want to help you overcome the fear and uncertainty that comes with making fundamental routine changes.

Our Projects & Approach

Healthy food for patient care at Endocrinology Associates in Columbus, OH

Patient Care Customized Just for You

The work we do is ultimately all about you: the patient. People looking for help to round out their nutritional needs will benefit from the patient resources we provide, including our recommended grocery products and award-winning Shop with the Doc series. We offer top-notch private practice options for those who are trying to manage problems like fatigue, menopause and perimenopause, and diabetes. Whether you need help losing weight or are struggling with an elusive hormone imbalance, our team is ready to help you with all metabolic-related issues.

Expert research at Endocrinology Associates in Columbus, OH

Expert Research & Consulting Support

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to navigating the usual suspects that drain time and resources in medical research: marketing, clinical validation, and securing FDA approval, to name a few. Through our consulting group Aretaeus Consulting, we see an opportunity to change the way trials and innovation are handled. We support teams conducting new research by providing detailed and concrete plans to help outpace your competitors while saving money, so you can expend a fraction of the resources and focus on doing what you do best: quality research.

Happy woman after getting Ketamine therapy at Endocrinology Associates in Columbus, OH

Ketamine Therapy

The innovative use of ketamine in low, controlled doses sets Dr. Christofides apart from her peers, because it gives her additional tools to offer much-needed relief to patients suffering from problems like addiction, chronic pain, and more. Thanks to her careful, experienced leadership, we at Endocrinology Associates have integrated the use of ketamine therapy to help support patients as part of a larger, well-rounded treatment plan to alleviate certain symptoms or conditions. Each session is closely monitored by our skilled medical staff, ensuring the highest level of care and safety for our patients.

Weight loss program at Endocrinology Associates in Columbus, OH

Performance Medicine & Weight Loss

Our specialists are here to help improve your health and quality of life through our proven medical weight management techniques. The holistic approach we take when crafting your treatment regimen will take a comprehensive look at your life and implement a series of weight management techniques that fit your lifestyle, including nutrition support, stress and sleep management assistance, prescription medication management, appetite control, exercise and fitness, and more. We will find a balanced, effective approach to optimize your weight loss and ensure positive, long-term results.