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Advanced Genetic Testing in Columbus

The Road to Better Health is Through Your DNA

Your DNA holds the blueprints to your body, and your body reads those blueprints to know how to guide it to better health. Your genome holds the secrets to what you may develop later in life — ranging from baldness to specific forms of cancer — and that information allows our team at Endocrinology Associates to develop a risk mitigation plan going forward.

What Is Genetic Screening?

Advanced genetic testing helps your doctor identify DNA alterations in your body that may be driving the growth of a specific tumor or more serious ailment, making it a key tool for dealing with some cancers. A tumor in breast cancer may look very different than lung cancer, and researchers in the medical community have learned that there are crucial differences even among conditions that look and act similarly. Likewise, every patient is different, too. By looking at a tumor’s profile with genetic testing, we may be able to work with you and your physician team to fine-tune your treatment and improve your ability to fight off the disease.

The Benefits of Advanced Genetic Testing

Simply put, advanced genetic testing arms you with crucial information that you can use to protect yourself and your family. It identifies genetic risks before those conditions emerge, giving you the time to correct your diet and nutritional needs, fitness and wellness, or make other critical lifestyle choices that can protect your long-term health.

Am I A Candidate for Genetic Screening?

Genetic testing, and follow-up gene counseling, may be warranted if one or more first- or second-degree relatives have been diagnosed with:

  • A genetic mutation, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2
  • Cancer that was diagnosed at an unusually young age (under age 50)
  • Cancer in both organs of a set of paired organs, such as both kidneys or both breasts
  • Multiple relatives (3 or more) with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and/or aggressive prostate cancer
  • Ovarian cancer at any age
  • Two or more different types of cancer that have occurred independently in the same person
  • More than 20 polyps in the colon
  • Ethnic predisposition, specifically Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

What Endocrinology Associates Offers: A Guide to Advanced Genetic Testing

Your genetic testing, led by Dr. Elena Christofides, begins with an assessment, which is followed by a non-invasive genetic test. Afterward, our team will sit with you in a gene counseling session — and in this detailed consultation, we’ll discuss your results and thoroughly review your individual needs. You’ll receive personalized advice on managing any identified risks, optimizing your health, and potentially preventing disease before it starts. Throughout this process, our team will provide support, education, and actionable insights, so you can be empowered to take control of your health with the most advanced, comprehensive genetic information available.

Why Choose Endocrinology Associates for Genetic Testing?

At Endocrinology Associates, we have the rare expertise and experience necessary to conduct, and thoroughly explain, a genetic test. Dr. Christofides will oversee the process and explain your results — her endocrinology background and clinical research experience grants her unique insight into how the biochemical processes in your body are informed by your genome sequence, which will make your risk management and lifestyle optimization plan all the more effective. Our expert team will answer your questions and ensure that you understand your body fully, so you can make good decisions and lead a healthier life.

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