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Growth Hormone Screening in Columbus, OH

Growth Hormone Screening: Optimize Your Well-being

Human growth hormone (GH or hGH) is a protein the pituitary gland makes that regulates bone and tissue growth in children and continues to reinforce the body into adulthood. It is also a crucial player in your metabolism — GH helps transport molecules, build other proteins, and break down fats. At Endocrinology Associates , we conduct growth hormone tests when a patient’s pituitary gland is not producing enough to help restore balance in the body.

What Is Growth Hormone Screening?

Growth hormone screening is a diagnostic process designed to evaluate the levels of growth hormone in the body. Because GH plays a critical role in growth, metabolism, bone density, and overall health, it is extremely important to address the issue if your hormone levels are low. Our expert team, led by Dr. Elena Christofides, will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, which we will use to develop a tailored treatment plan just for you.

The Benefits of Growth Hormone Screening

The longer your growth hormone levels remain low, the more problems you may develop — and their symptoms can become more serious. Through growth hormone screening, at-risk patients can receive timely intervention, potentially preventing the development of more serious conditions. Benefits of this screening include customized treatment for those with GH deficiency, the prevention of complications associated with excess GH, and the opportunity for individuals to achieve a better quality of life through optimized metabolic health.

Who Should Consider Growth Hormone Screening?

You might be a candidate for growth hormone screening if you or your child are experiencing symptoms suggestive of a GH imbalance, such as unusual growth patterns, changes in muscle strength, or unexplained shifts in weight. Adults with symptoms like decreased energy, poor bone density, or difficulty managing weight could also benefit from screening. Our team at Endocrinology Associates, with the help of Dr. Elena Christofides, will assess each patient’s medical history, symptoms, and risk factors to understand whether a growth hormone screening is right for you.

Growth Hormone Screening: Step-by-Step

When you come to Endocrinology Associates for growth hormone screening, you’ll be guided through a process that’s both thorough and designed with your comfort in mind. It may be necessary to fast before the day of your screen. Upon arrival, patients are given medicine that will stimulate the pituitary gland. Then, after some time has passed, we will take blood samples to determine how your pituitary gland is functioning — and then we will draw up a customized plan specific to your needs, so that we can help you get your body back into proper working order again.

Why Choose Endocrinology Associates for Growth Hormone Screening?

At Endocrinology Associates, we will do whatever it takes to protect your health — and we have the cutting-edge tools, techniques, and expertise to identify your most pressing needs. Dr. Christofides has made a name for herself in the industry for solving the difficult cases others cannot. With us, you’ll receive the manual to your body that you’ve always wished you’d had; you won’t just leave our practice with a diagnosis, you’ll gain unparalleled insight into how your body works, and most importantly, why.

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