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Compassionate Transgender Care in Columbus, OH

Harmonize Your Gender Identity with Your Physical Self

You are not alone. Our staff understands that your journey to unearth your real self can be isolating, and at Endocrinology Associates, we provide a space for you to open up and get the care you really need. Schedule your appointment today and let us help give you the expert medical guidance you need to live an authentic and fulfilled life.

What is Transgender Care?

Transgender care, or gender-affirming care, is a multi-faceted approach to helping you transition, so your body is more aligned with its true self. This means something different for everyone. Male-to-female transitions may involve antiandrogen and estrogen hormones to elicit breast growth, reduce body hair, and redistribute fat. Female-to-male may use testosterone therapy in combination with other hormones to deepen the voice, increase body hair, and boost muscle mass.

At Endocrinology Associates, we create the best solution for your unique situation, and comprehensively support you through hormone therapy, regular health assessments, surgical consultations, and psychological support, all aimed at facilitating a successful transition that is both affirming and health-forward.

The Benefits of Transgender Care

Physical benefits aside, there is no substitute for feeling at home in your own skin. Transgender care decreases dysphoria, improves mental health, and increases self-acceptance. Because personal identity is such a core aspect of how we see ourselves in relation to the rest of the world, it is difficult to gauge the full extent of how a successful and full transition benefits transgender patients. One thing we can say is the benefits are comprehensive — your physical, mental, emotional, and social health all stand to improve.

What I Can Expect as a Transgender Care Patient

Your care begins with a thorough assessment of your unique needs, which includes a comprehensive look at your physical and emotional health, personal goals, and lifestyle. This initial consultation, along with many of your future sessions, can be conveniently held online using our telehealth service. If hormone therapy is part of your plan, you’ll receive highly detailed guidance and regular monitoring to ensure your treatment is progressing smoothly. As your treatment unfolds, our compassionate team will be a constant source of support, whether you need supportive counseling, surgical co-management, or more.

What To Expect from Our Compassionate Staff

From the moment you enter Endocrinology Associates, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and hearts — and a whole lot of expertise. Led by Dr. Christofides, we have extensively researched hormones used in gender-affirming care, their impact on the body, and how they can be best used together to achieve the desired results. We can help you adjust your diet and wellness routines, so your entire body is working in unison toward a singular goal. We also understand that feeling safe is essential for effective care. If you’re undergoing gender-affirming hormone therapy, sharing details with us is crucial for making informed decisions about your treatment. Here, you can be yourself, supported by allies that understand your needs, respect your identity, and provide top-notch care every step of the way.

Why Choose Endocrinology Associates for Transgender Care?

Our goal is to offer genuine respect and understanding before we even begin your care, because we know that gender affirming care puts patients in a uniquely vulnerable position, and the most important component in this process is trust. We have the expertise, training, and experience to treat you, and the compassion to make you feel safe. Book a consultation today and select a medical team that won’t simply help you walk your true path, but a team that will walk in front to widen that path and clear any obstacles along the way.

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