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Continuous Glucose Monitoring & Nutrition in Columbus, OH

Optimize Your Nutritional Health with Glucose Monitoring

You have probably seen the device before: blood glucose monitors (CGMs) are the devices that people with diabetes use to measure and regulate glucose levels in their bloodstream. At Endocrinology Associates, we help you use your glucose data, both real-time and predictive, to establish better, safer routines — and provide you with reliable nutritional options to help in case your levels are off.

How Are Glucose Monitoring and Nutrition Linked?

Glucose monitoring is a way to record and track your past and present glucose levels, and that data can also be used to make future predictions. To an experienced endocrinologist like Dr. Christofides, the information your CGM provides can be used more to adjust sugar intake; the data can be combined with other tests and dietary information to construct a more holistic approach that keeps you healthier, safer, and provides a better quality of life.

The Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Improvements in monitoring technology have made CGMs more accurate, and the days when a person had to prick their finger and draw blood several times a day are over — now CGM data can be followed in real time using a cell phone app. The results are all-encompassing: a person with diabetes can much more easily avoid hypo- and hyperglycemia, better plan meals, and take great control over their own lives.

Am I A Candidate for Continuous Glucose Monitoring & Nutrition Advice?

Patients who benefit the most from our involvement include diabetic patients who would like to better manage their care and nutritional needs, including:

  • People with Type I or Type II diabetes who rely on insulin injections or pumps
  • People who have frequent episodes of low blood glucose levels
  • People with large glucose fluctuations
  • People who would like better options for when their glucose levels are off
  • People with diabetes who have mineral or other nutritional deficiencies

What To Expect from Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Our team, led by research expert and veteran endocrinologist Dr. Elena Christofides, can do two very important things for you: teach you how to make the most of the predictive data provided by your CGM, and give you the best nutritional advice based on your history, genetics, and condition symptoms to ensure that you are getting what you need. Tailored nutritional advice can not only help keep your blood glucose at healthy levels, but it can also improve your overall quality of life.

Why Choose Endocrinology Associates for Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

At Endocrinology Associates, Dr. Christofides and her team provide you with a unique advantage in managing your diabetes: we use your CGM data as a foundation to provide a better, more comprehensive nutrition plan that works for you. Our approach helps you understand the relationship between your diet and glucose levels, so you can adjust your habits to keep your levels more stable and make you feel better each and every day. If you are using a CGM and would like more complete insight into your own care, give our team a call.

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