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Thyroid Biopsies and Ultrasounds in Columbus, OH

Precision Thyroid Biopsies and Ultrasounds

Your body functions like a machine, and since most of your bodily processes happen underneath the skin’s surface, we rely on accurate thyroid scans and biopsies (tissue samples) to gain the insight we need to provide you with the right care and fine-tune your bodily instrument. Both procedures, scans and biopsies, are crucial for patients who are experiencing thyroid problems, including hyperthyroidism, cancer, or other growths.

The Benefits of Thyroid Ultrasounds and Biopsies

Thyroid ultrasounds are key to detecting problems on your thyroid, and biopsies are how we ensure the correct diagnosis. These procedures carry some additional important benefits:

  • Extreme accuracy: No other tests are as accurate at diagnosing growths in your thyroid gland.
  • Minimally invasive: Both procedures are non-surgical and have a low patient recovery time.
  • Low discomfort: The ultrasound is painless, and the biopsy is relatively so.
  • Early detection: These tools let us catch issues early when they’re most treatable.
  • Continuous monitoring: We can safely monitor the thyroid over time and adjust treatment as needed.

What Is a Thyroid Biopsy?

A thyroid biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that involves collecting a small sample of thyroid tissue, which is then examined to assess the health and function of your thyroid gland. This minimally invasive procedure is typically guided by ultrasound imaging to ensure an accurate test, so we sample the right area. Dr. Elena Christofides and our team at Endocrinology Associates can determine the nature of the thyroid abnormality — whether it’s benign, malignant, or indicative of an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

The American Thyroid Association recommends that thyroid biopsies are only performed by a trained endocrine expert, and Dr. Christofides has decades of experience performing this procedure. The results of her biopsies are extremely detailed, and she uses advanced tests like genetic probes to supplement the procedure.

What Is a Thyroid Ultrasound?

A thyroid ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging test that uses sound waves to create detailed pictures of your thyroid gland. This tool allows us to assess the size, shape, and position of your thyroid — and we use this information to identify irregularities, like nodules and cysts. Unlike other imaging methods, ultrasounds don’t use radiation, making it the safest choice.

What To Expect from Your Thyroid Scan

Dr. Christofides will order your scan from a nearby hospital or provider; the process is quick and painless. At your appointment, you will be asked to lie back while a handheld device, called a transducer, scans your neck area. After your scan, we’ll sit down with you and translate the results and provide you with your options, so we can move forward as a team.

Am I A Good Candidate?

We may order a thyroid ultrasound, and possibly a biopsy, if you are experiencing symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, such as unexpected weight changes, mood fluctuations, or atypical energy levels. These tests may also be useful if you have a lump in the thyroid area or if routine tests suggest an abnormality.

Why Choose Us for Thyroid Services

We understand the hesitation and nervousness patients feel when their doctor mentions they need a thyroid biopsy, and even the ultrasound can be intimidating. At Endocrinology Associates, we make decisions based on data — we use your thyroid scan to make the right decisions, and ensure that if you do need a biopsy, we have all the information we need. Schedule an appointment today; we handle your health the right way — with expertise, cutting-edge tech, and compassion for you and your needs.

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