The staff here at Endocrinology Associates is highly trained and specially chosen to work very closely with you and the physician. They should be viewed as an extension of the doctor because in truth, nothing happens here without them.

Josie T: Office Manager

Josie takes great pride in her ability to keep the office running smoothly from start to finish. She is responsible for all the billing and  paperwork that flows in a medical office. She is also the friendly voice that greets you when you call or stop into the office. She is the Doctor’s counterpart in all things administrative and we rely on her to be able to accomplish the impossible!


Damea A: Director of Research

Damea takes great pride in his research work. He is the manager for all of the Doctor’s research work that is conducted at Endocrinology Associates. He is responsible for ensuring that our research is conducted ethically and responsibly. He has a fantasticly calm bedside manner and is always available for any questions you might have about participating in our clinical trials.

Linda H: Special Projects

Linda was brought on board in the fall of 2013 to revamp our office processes to get us ready for ICD-10 implementation. ICD is the categorization of all possible diagnostic codes to ensure consistent communications between medical professionals and payors like Medicare. The 10th edition has been implemented and we need to ensure that there is no disruption in your care.

Jordyn C: LPN

Jordyn is our most flexible staff member. She was brought on board originally as one of our dedicated research nurses, and she spends most of her time with the research team. She’s definitely a ‘jack of all trades’ so you will often see her floating in almost all of our other office positions. She is very dedicated to our patients and has an unflappable personality.

Khaoula J: MA

Khaoula came to us as an intern finishing her MA degree at Ft. Hayes career center. She has grown into an excellent research coordinator. She is the first face you’ll see when you come in to the research division and the person most likely to be meeting with you for your research visits. She is nearly done with her undergraduate degree at OSU and we hope she is just as successful in pursuing her love of criminology.